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No "New Me"!

You won't be getting a "new me in 2017..." New Me implies that something was wrong with the old Me. That the person I was in 2016 wasn't sufficient enough to join Me at 12:01am on 01/01/17. Now granted, you may get a more mindful Me, a more present Me, even a more focused Me, definitely a more giving Me...

But, "new" not so much!

Let Me tell you what I liked about the 2016 Me. In 2016 I learned to shine without fear. I learned that I had a lot more love and energy to give to others if I gave more to myself. 2016 Me put doubt aside and said "yes" more, stepped out on faith and accomplished some pretty good shit. 2016 Me wrapped waist beads around a fluffy mid-section and danced in the mirror to 24K Magic. 2016 Me hugged my kids tighter and prayed over them and laughed with them and fussed at them and enjoyed them wholeheartedly. 2016 Me went to therapy faithfully and my therapist earned every penny of my co-pay with each ah-ha moment she helped me uncover. 2016 Me was un-apologetically Young(ish), Black and Dope. 2016 Me was at a serious crossroads in my career which taught me the importance of being still and making the best decision for Me. 2016 Me Struggled and Cried. Grew and Stretched. Loved and Hurt. Lived and Thrived.

This year I made that the conscious decision to take the old Me into the New Year and add more to what makes Me great and love Me through my flaws. I've traded resolutions for visions, dreams, and goals. I don't want be new. I want to be Me. I want to be a little older and wiser, but still B.

#NewYear #Resolution #Growth #Selflove

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