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Love Is...

Love is patient Love is kind is all I kept saying to myself, as I was driving down 395 and realized this particular morning my husband packed our son into the car fully dressed (in the cutest outfit) with NO DAMN SHOES! This left me in the middle of downtown DC at 8:00 am in rush hour traffic searching for shoes for a toddler. I ended up at a 24 hour Walgreen’s. With limited options, I was forced to up buy a pair of pink girly swim shoes. Needless to say, me and the kid were not happy.

Love is purposeful and intentional. Through the course of a marriage love changes and takes many forms – it looks different, it feels different. Love use to be 12 red roses and yeah that was cute or whateva! But today, love is allowing your spouse to sleep in on a Saturday or doing the daycare drop-off/pick-up even though it’s not your scheduled day.

Love is acceptance. While I could slave over the stove all day, my household would prefer take-out and quality time. After great debate, I have grown to be okay with that. I put up a good fight at first, spending time on all these new recipes (I had beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes etc.) but that’s just not who we are as a family.

Love is change. I don’t know anybody who is married to the same person they walked down the aisle with. If they tell you that, they’re lying LOL. And you can tell them BB said it. Take it from me, I was all smiles and giggles, until taking on a high pressured job and realized that being a mom meant I was responsible for someone’s entire LIFE! In the mist of all that, I then decided a corporate job was for the birds. Now I’m aspiring to be an artsy hip-hop soccer mom who blasts trap music out of a Prius. Feel free to watch me work @artisticmixtape.

Love is finding your way. Every day I’m constantly rededicating myself to my goals and my family and navigating through this phenomenon called love. So if you hear Young Thug or Young M.A. at a soccer game or at the drive-in, that’s probably me, the hubby and the kid LIVING IN LOVE.

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