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Top 5 Things, I Would Have Told Me: Stop Waiting To Be ASKED!

So, I am often the sounding board for many of the women in my circle. The other day, I had a candid conversation with a friend regarding her desire to take her relationship with her high school sweetheart to the next level. After years of dating understandably she wanted more. In my circle of professional women, the conversation is often focused on longing to be married and or have kids. After becoming a wife to a wonderful husband and friend (a man) and a mother to a loving and energetic son (a little man), I reflect on male and female interactions in a new light and with new eyes and it serves as a very interesting case study at times. Every day I have the opportunity to evaluate and re-evaluate male and relationships on all levels.

These daily reflections have allowed me to bare-witness to the evolution of myself, my womanhood and my personal views and I realized that too often women are taught to ride in the passenger seat of our own lives. And supporting cast members of our own Broadway Shows because we are constantly waiting. Constantly waiting to be asked these questions that shape and determine our lives and our destinies. I remember the momentum centered around having to find a prom date and waiting to be asked out. How about that awkward time frame when you want to know if you and the boo are “just kickin it” or whateva! And to all my married ladies out there, remember what it was like during that pre-proposal phase?!?! waiting to be asked for your hand in marriage?!?!

In reflection (or In my present day), I think about all the times that I have waited and the resentment that often lies behind a women’s comprised smile. and I came up with Five Things I Would Have Told Me. Just a few revelations, I've had and wanted to share.

Top 5 Things I Would Have Told Me!

1.You don’t need a king to be a queen – It is your God-given right, build your empire.

2.You’re not a bitch you're assertive – So don’t compromise or let anyone dim your light.

3.You own your body!

4.You don’t need him or anybody else to validate you or your place in life – So stop waiting to be asked!!!

5.Your future (or existing) family, your happiness, and your successes may not look like your parent’s success.

Sincerely, A Mom On A Journey...

B. B. Wordsmith

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