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Introducing The Fly 5

When I decided to add a blog to my business site I knew I couldn't do it alone, with everything else on my plate I just knew I wouldn't be able to do it justice. Plus, I know you don't want to keep hearing about my random vending adventures and love hate relationship with Mod Podge. So, I decided to recruit a league of powerful women with wisdom, creativity, passion and a voice that must be heard. I humbly asked these ladies to share a tiny piece of their lives with the world once a month and they foolishly agreed (or maybe they were bribed... either way they're here) and to them I say

THANK YOU... For being a part of my life and vision.

Ladies and Gentlemen (if you're here) The FLY 5!

Lady Dor:

Hi, I'm Lady Dor! Also know as B. Alexis' mom. I'm passionate Scorpio. Giver of Life and Wisdom. Phenomenal Grandmother. Brain Aneurysm Survivor. Strong believer in Blessing and Miracles. I look forward to sharing a little bit of me with you.

Rachel Christine:

Hi, my name is Rachel Christine. I am 33 (inserts sad face emoji) and I'm stay at mom also working part-time, from home, and currently working on a few other things that will assist in my early retirement, based in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. I am the wife of a husband that I love ever so dearly but works my nerves on a daily basis; a mother to two boys, ages 14 & 2, with one more addition to the family on HER way October 2016; and a dog mommy to a 3yr old pup that I sometimes treat better than the residents of my house because he's the only one that listens to me! When I'm not occupied yelling or giving orders in my house, my weakness is shopping - Which can include but not limited to: online shopping, thrift shopping; clearance shopping, shopping with my husband's credit card, etc. I am also obsessed with DIY projects and spending time with my family, when they're all on their best behaviors. I'm a fun, out-going, sometimes outspoken, very observant, still think I'm a spring chicken kind of gal! Looking forward to sharing my chaotic life that I wouldn't trade for the world with all of you! xoxo


Hey! My name is Erin. I’m a Jesus lover, wife, mother of three, homeschooler, professor, community birth worker, and autism / SPD mama. Born and raised in the Maryland suburbs right outside of DC, I’m a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll. Admittedly, I’m conveniently crunchy (What does that mean? I breastfed – the milk was free… I cloth diapered – it was cheaper… I use essential oils – they work, and they smell good. Win-win… You get the point). My life is humorously random. One minute I’m teaching preschool and first grade, the next I’m lecturing on reproductive anatomy and STDs. But at the end of the day, I’m just a mom, trying to do the best I can to raise (and not completely screw up), my 3 kiddos, while occasionally enjoying a trip to Target, Starbucks (oh hell, who am I kidding! I’d take a trip to the freakin’ bathroom) alone!

BB Wordsmith:

Hi, I'm Brandy, a graduate from Bowie State University and a Training and Development Professional. I write on topics ranging from Womanhood, Mommyhood and The Hood.

As a self-proclaimed hip-hop enthusiast, I'm also the curator for Artistic Mixtape, a multi-media mixtape experience in the DC area. Follow me at @artisticmixtape on Facebook and Instagram @artisticmixtape.


Hi there!

My name is Mary, I am a 30-something stay at home mom. I live in MD with my "so very patient husband," my "strong-willed, bright" 4 y/o daughter and my "easy like Sunday morning" 2 y/o son. When I'm not busy holding the house down, I am usually running a few miles, or reading a good fiction novel or scouring the clearance racks putting cute outfits together. I thank God for His grace and mercy that is new every morning. I'm excited to share part of my world with you!

#Fly5 #MomSquad

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