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B. Positive... Not Just My Blood Type, My Way Of Life!

Caution... I am not a blogger! Now that we've gotten that outta the way please keep your expectations low. I'm a poor speller, my use of punctuation is often incorrect and I use ellipses excessively. But, what I do offer is a space where you can giggle, ponder and get to know me a little. I'm a professional superhero and mom of 2 adorable kids with way too much energy. I run a teeny tiny small business but I have a non-profit heart. I love quotes by brilliant people and my mommy, so you may see a lot of those. And I have a passion for mompreneurs and I will be plugging their businesses along the way. So, with all that being said... You've survived my first EVER blog post (treat yo self to a cookie)! I hope you return to see what random things I have to say and I hope I made you smile... If not, go back to sleep, wake up refreshed and read again.

Love love love,

B. Alexis

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