About B. 

Picture it, Maryland May 2013; an occasionally crafty mother was sitting at her dining room table having lunch with her young son when she suddenly noticed a piece of fabric poking out of a corner of random whatnots. Out of nowhere, she gets this crazy urge to wrap the fabric around the bracelet she was wearing and at that moment      

All Things B. Alexis was born.


Since then A.T.B.A has grown into a colorful collection of handmade jewelry and accessories inspired by and named after the women and men in my life that have shaped who I am today. Each piece is made with 100% pure love, time and energy.


When I'm not creating sincere dopeness, I'm a full-time professional superhero, mother of 2 truly carefree kids, married to my best friend and surrounded by fabric, love, and chaos.



 "I Make Dope Things With My Hands." Prov. 31:13